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Out of the Box Branded Content for CleanBox

When you think of VR, what comes to mind? Probably not all the hard work that goes into cleaning and sanitizing those headsets, in preparation for use at places like theaters, theme parks, and entertainment centers. That goes to show you just how good a job these companies are doing, companies like CleanBox, that you can enjoy your VR getaway without wondering if you’re going to contract lice during it.

What sets CleanBox apart from its competitors is that their product uses UV-C light to kill germs and bacteria that can get embedded in headsets, then expels that gunk — along with other dirt and debris — with high pressure air blasters so that users are essentially putting on a “brand new headset”.

Amy Hendrick, the CEO of CleanBox, reached out to us, and asked us to create a promo video of their latest device which she would play at one of her seminars at VR Days Europe in Amsterdam, and then on to Los Angeles, Dubai, San Francisco, and Birmingham in the United Kingdom. We were all about it. And although we didn’t get to fly to Amsterdam, or those other great cities, we did take a drive down to San Diego to meet her and her lead engineer to grab an interview and b-roll session on camera.

Travis Prow, DP branded video production

Travis and Aaron on location at CleanBox filming interviews

Now, considering this was a shoot about a company in the VR space, it was only fitting that we do some of the shoot in 360. Our cinematographer-in-residence Travis Prow brought along to the shoot a motorized cake spinner, which enabled us to shoot picture-perfect 360 degree shots of the CleanBox, as well as a wide range of b-roll.

Corporate video interview with CEO Amy

CleanBox CEO Amy Hedrick being interviewed for a promotional video

Once we made it down to San Diego, we had to get right to work to meet our deadline. Of course, as with all our shoots, a lot of the heavy lifting is in the preparation. While Jeremy was on location in San Francisco shooting a spot for Adobe, he was also multi-tasking to produce the project with Amy and Travis for the week leading up to the CleanBox shoot. During those meetings, we were able to imagine problems that might emerge on set, and also preempt them with possible solutions. It was also during this pre-production period that the team and Amy both created and agreed on a shot list, as well as came up with an outline of interview questions to ask.

Branded content shoot with motorized cake spinner

Travis Prow making magic on set with a motorized cake spinner

Travis and Aaron then drove down to San Diego with all that good stuff, and got to work. Amy, who lives in NYC, flew out to San Diego and was met by the JMaverick team. We only had a day to capture all the interview and b-roll footage, so we had to work double-time to get our edit together before the big presentation. Needless to say, we did it. But it would have been a much more arduous task had we not first developed our relationship with Amy and CleanBox first, organized well in-advance of the shoot date, and then acted effectively and efficiently on set. As our work with CleanBox demonstrates, JMaverick Studios has a knack for creating cohesive, engaging, and high-quality narratives in a crunch — and we’re OK with that.

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