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Commercial Video Defined

Commercial video was once the preserve of broadcast television, selling stuff to people in their homes between segments. Fast forward seventy or so years, and the Internet has proven a viable home for commercials (advertisements with a pulse) . Often, these are short (30-second) videos created to promote a company brand, its product(s) or service(s) — and, ideally, they’re entertaining, insightful, and memorable. At JMaverick Studios, we’ve developed and produced more than a few of these kinds of videos, keeping them as entertaining, insightful, and memorable as possible, while preserving a brand’s identity, message, and overall intent. Every video has to be cut from the same cloth as a company’s brand; they must pack a big punch in a short amount of time; they must be able to summarize what a product or service does, while not losing an audience’s attention; and, most importantly, they have to engender interest to seek out more. These ingredients go into a special sauce that becomes the commercial — and over the years we’ve been perfecting that recipe. introduce the brand and generate viewer (potential customer) interest. See here for more branded content examples.

Hallmarks of Typical Commercial Video Advertising

  • Short Duration
  • Branded content stressed
  • Highly engaging
  • Moves the viewer to take action
  • Entertaining enough to share

Commercial Video Campaigns

Most of our work targets the online audience. Why? Just look at the numbers. YouTube garners 1.9 Billion users per month. Facebook boasts 2.2 Billion. Snapchat and Instagram also have strong numbers. Hosting digital commercials is much cheaper than doing so on broadcast or cable, and the ROI can be much higher because of the sharing factor. You can’t really “share” a TV commercial; but you can share a Facebook video. You probably have done so thousands of times. But simply putting an ad on one of these social channels isn’t a guarantee it will go viral; you should be prepared with a contingency plan to invest enough money to ensure your ad’s visibility. However, it’s up to the production company to create content that’s engaging and memorable — aka, our job. Our social media content videos are designed to be enjoyed, liked, remembered… and shared. Organic sharing is the Holy Grail of a digital ad campaign and our work has garnered tens of thousands of views, likes and shares for our clients. For more information, please see our case studies.

Video Ad Concepting

Before the lights go on and the camera rolls, our clients and we make sure we know where we’ve been, and where we’re looking to go . This first step in any ad campaign is nailing the concept. Sometimes a client will know exactly what they want. Other times, they’ll trust us to bring our own creativity to initiate the project. Whatever the approach to the kick-off, the concept has to be clearly defined, and the ad engaging and unique. Early on, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to understand what they do or make, who their target audience is, and how they need to be perceived. Before we even think about a final product — and we can create nearly any kind of final product — we got to nail the concept.

Measuring “Success” of a Commercial Advertising Campaign

Ultimately, the success of a commercial comes down to one thing: numbers. Number of views (e.g., on YouTube) are critical. The more views there are, the more touchpoints, the more people who will be familiar with your brand. An ad can’t exist in a vacuum, and the best way to suck it out of one is by allocating resources on paid ads on the various social media sites. After the initial views, however–and if the ad is interesting or entertaining–other factors come into play, such as engagement. An engagement rate of eighty percent or higher is a good sign. Social analytics (either on the above social properties, or your own website) will also let you know if your audience was moved to take some action (click, call, sale, etc.). Our goal as a video production company is to create content that not only engages, but is so entertaining or memorable that viewers want to share it.

Whether your brand is serious or playful, a video ad campaign can help cement that identity in the mind of the audience.

Commercial video production for Beatlab

Commercial video shoot for Beatlab

Commercial Video Production - Medtronic - L.A Convention Center

L.A Convention Center Commercial Video Production – Medtronic

Commercial Ad Costs and Timeframe

JMaverick Studios offers complete video production services from live action to motion graphics and animation. Commercial ads by their nature need to capture a viewer’s attention fast. So the more focus required, the more time should be spent getting things right in the concept stage. An ideal timeframe is in the weeks range, not days. As the old saying goes, “proper prior planning…” you know the rest.

Costs vary depending on the complexity of the project. Shooting on-site, with actors, will require more than simple animation and motion graphics. Each project (and client) is unique, so give us a call and we can draft you a quote that fits your specific needs.

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