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JMaverick Video Production Has an Advocate in Adobe

We like to think all the work we do helps not just our clients further develop and expand their own stories, but also helps viewers of our video content develop their own stories — their life stories. Our recent project with Adobe is a great example of that intention, and is sort of the culmination of many different stories intertwining; it’s also no coincidence that this project comes after a long and meaningful relationship with the company.

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Travis Prow and Andrew Kent capturing an interview at Adobe HQ in San Jose

Our Video Production Partnership With Adobe

It all started two-and-a-half years ago, JMaverick Studios produced a video called Campus to Adobe Life. For it, we interviewed college students, along with team managers at Adobe, the former who would be starting jobs or internships at the company, and the latter who were already veterans there. The program we were set out to profile was started by Adobe to match team managers with new college grads — a kind of advocacy program, and it was the brainchild of Weston McMillan, Adobe’s leadership development program leader. The program, and the video, were so successful, it encouraged Adobe to expand the initiative, and Weston’s role in it, which in turn led to our work on this present project.

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Jeremy Williams interviewing Weston McMillan

Weston really took the incipient program and ran with it. His most recent push was a program aimed at educating employees on EQ (emotional quotient) versus IQ (intelligence quotient). There’s a lot of research into EQ, showing that in many regards, especially in the workplace, it has benefits above and beyond traditional IQ measures. Weston wanted to help build better managers by first making them better people, and eventually, better leaders through EQ training. Ultimately better leadership redounds into employees producing better work, so there’s justification for this kind of investment.

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That’s a wrap to our 8 day shoot!

Video As An Aid to Improving Lives

But Weston’s work isn’t circumscribed by Adobe or the workplace. Instead, the training extends far beyond that: by helping people become better, more active listeners, and by helping them build stronger and more meaningful connections, he hopes to help people in their everyday (and work) lives. Adobe’s CEO, Shantanu Narayen, has gone on record backing the project, and has voiced his support for similar projects:

I’m passionate about learning. I’m endlessly curious – that’s why I ask a lot of questions. Learning is central to our growth as a company as an individual: you should be learning something new every day.

Whoever doubts that organizational change isn’t a top-down initiative should listen to Narayen.

Needless to say, we were incredibly excited to work on this project, and to showcase the amazing work being spearheaded by Weston with the full sanction of the C-Suite. Video shoots for this project were conducted between August 16th and 29th in New York (three days), Chicago (two days), and San Jose (three days), at the Adobe offices in each major city.

Video Production: Delivering On Time

We ultimately walked away with over seven-and-a-half hours of raw content, which we had to massage and cut down to a strong two-minute sizzle reel. Weston would then play this sizzle at a company-wide meeting on September 6th, as a testament to the program’s expansion. We’ll do that math for you: seven days to shoot, cut, color, and send off. That’s an incredibly tall order, but because of our past working relationship with Adobe, we were only more than happy to rise to the challenge; and Weston is very excited to show the video off.

In short, it pays to build and maintain important, mutually appreciative relationships. Just ask Weston. Oh, and watch his video below.

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