Video Production, especially for the newcomer, can seem overwhelming. It shouldn’t be, especially if you put yourselves in our hands. We’ve put together answers to the most common questions we get asked to help guide you through the process no matter what your need. From B2B videos to web commercials, working with JMaverick Studios is a rewarding experience. We’re one of the top media production companies in Los Angeles and we work worldwide.

How much do video projects typically cost?

Each project is unique. Some projects require drones while others just need a basic camera setup. We ensure that our project proposals are fair and do not compromise on quality. Give us a call so we can hear more about your project and what kind of magic we can create together.

I’ve got a great piece of content thanks to JMaverick Studios! What do I do now?

JMaverick Studios isn’t just a production house. Once we finish creating the content for your company, our social media team helps design and execute social media campaigns around that content. Whether you want to create sponsored Facebook posts or sponsored Instagram content, we take your media to the next level by orchestrating campaigns that get you the most eyeballs possible.

What’s the difference between JMaverick Studios and every other production company in Los Angeles?

Steve Jobs once said, “I want to put a ding in the universe.” This is a credo that we live by at JMaverick Studios. Most production companies are focused on gathering as many clients as they can in order to turn out work as quickly as possible to fill their coffers. We’re more focused on building the best creative direction possible for a video project or social media campaign so that we leave an indelible mark on audiences.