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Now, more than ever, anybody can be a content creator with just their iPhone and a steady hand. At JMaverick Studios we pride ourselves in creating high quality, affordable content with strategic concepts so that your marketing budget generates the results your business needs.

Our Los Angeles video production team recently completed a series of videos for Del Monte that required extensive planning ahead of the shoots. Below is an overview of making a corporate video and a quick look at what we did to deliver exciting final cuts. While each video production client is unique, many of the same tasks we performed in this example will apply to your project.

Video production company in Los Angeles, CA

Jeremy Williams, Director, oversees a shot that Travis Prow, Director of Photography, is capturing on the Dana Dolly


Pre-Production is the most important component of a video production because it’s where we identify everything that’s required for a successful video. In this case, we were tasked with producing four creative scripts that satisfied the messaging requirements for Del Monte’s Fruit Cup, Canned Vegetable, College Inn (broths/stocks), and Contadina (tomato sauce) teams. Our writers penned comedic scripts that had a unique spin and met different messaging requirements. In some cases we had to hire voiceover talent, actors/actresses, hair and make-up, and art directors.

After about a week in Pre-Production we produced a shot list based off each script and knew what to expect and what to capture for each video shoot.


Video production set

Rehearsing lines and blocking off shots for our video production

Los Angeles video production cast and crew

The cast and crew from our video production

Production is the most exciting part of teh process for media production companies because it’s where everyone comes together to produce the shots needed for each video. In some cases, situations arise and events happen that you can’t always anticipate. JMaverick Studios prides itself in being able to “flex in the moment” and adapt to whatever might happen on set or on location and ensure that we make the best of whatever cards are dealt. It’s incredibly important to maintain a professional environment and not succumb to the stresses and time restrictions on a set. If we’re stressed out, chances are you’re going to be stressed out too. No matter the case, we always find a way to have fun on shoots and make the entire experience enjoyable for the rest of the team. If everyone is having a great time then that invariably fosters an even more creative environment where we get the best content possible.

In this particular case, our production team had to travel outside of Los Angeles to see things through. Even though we’re based in Los Angeles, we’ve facilitated shoots in 75 cities, 23 countries, and 17 states. Our work has been acknowledged all over the world for its unique storytelling and the overall enthusiasm we bring to each project.


This is where the magic happens. After all of the footage has been captured and the talent goes home, our editors go to work splicing and trimming the raw material into a cohesive and thrilling edit. Any mistakes that were overlooked on set are corrected and any bit of the story that feels too long or superfluous is removed through editing. Post-Production isn’t just removing frames and adjusting the story. A successful video production is also sent to a colorist where they spend time cleaning up each camera angle’s color and white balance. This makes the edit feel more seamless and the shots from each camera more uniform. A good edit is one where the viewer doesn’t recognize when the edits are taking place. Instead, the story is at the forefront and they’re guided through it by smooth shots and pacing. Once the video reaches “picture lock” (all visual edits are completed and signed off) then the edit is sent to an audio mixer where they focus on cleaning up background noise and adding foley sound which are essentially sound effects that increase the production value of the video

Below are our final cuts of the Del Monte videos. The scripts were conceptualized by JMaverick Studios’ writers and shot by our video production team. Motion graphics were an additional component that we employed when actual shooting wasn’t an option.

Talladega Nights Bad Lip Reading

The theme of this video was “Start Your Engines.” Staying true to a NASCAR race tone was important to our client and their business manager had a strong affinity for the movie TALLADEGA NIGHTS. Our writer came up with a brilliant script modeled after the Bad Lip Reading series on YouTube and wrote dialog for the voice actor. The opening of the video pokes fun at Dole’s latest commercial against Del Monte where two women are sitting in front of an aquarium talking about “100% juice” vs “Made with Real Fruit Juice.”

Mock Political Ad

Del Monte is responsible for over 70% of canned vegetable sales in America and continues to lead the industry with new product experiences, yet most American’s don’t meet their daily vegetable requirement. One of our writers penned this script poking fun at the lack of vegetable consumption in the U.S. for voice over talent to narrate for the motion graphic sequences.

College Inn was originally a restaurant in the Midwest that was famous for it’s soups. Del Monte purchased the restaurant and hired the head chef to develop various broths and stocks for home cooking. Right now, College Inn is only available on the east coast but they’re rolling out across the rest of the country next year in order to disrupt the industry dominance by Swanson’s. Our writer composed this parody movie trailer announcing the expansion across the US. We hired talent for the video and our motion graphics designer brought the entire thing to life through over the top animations.

The Godmother

Contadina is 2nd in tomato sauce sales compared to Hunt’s. Our writer came up with the idea to bring Contadina’s mascot, Mama Dina, to life and recreate a scene from THE GODFATHER where her grandson is selling for Hunt’s. We searched for talent on and put together a look book of the best submissions for Del Monte to choose their favorite actors. The post production team added a unique look to the final video through color correction and grading.

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