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Driving into the Future: A Social Media Video with Lyft


We’re switching gears a little (pun intended) to talk about one of our clients who happens to be right at the brink of a new technological future. Lyft, the ride-sharing service, has been making some incredible strides (and headlines) lately in the field of autonomous driving cars. Understandably, its current team of drivers (about 1.5 million in fact) might feel as if their jobs are being threatened by the innovation; that is, they would have if Lyft hadn’t organized a flight of videos assuring their drivers about their secure future with the company.

Social Media Content Creation

The social media video shoots were organized by Lyft employees for September 4, and featured an interview between the company’s Chief Operating Officer John McNeill and a representative from the Lyft’s internal driver relations team. The target audience? Lyft drivers. The takeaway: Stay Calm, and Drive On.

Once the videos were in the can, the Lyft team was so strapped for resources that they brought us on to help facilitate the post-production efforts. We’re no stranger to working with Lyft: We’ve provided video production services on a lot of their social content in the past; and even as they’ve grown and taken most of their production in house, they still come to us as their trusty outsource team. For this video, we provided both color correction and motion graphics creation services — a nice combo, as it was incumbent upon us to both refine the story with editing, as well as augment it with additional elements.

Motion Graphics: Powerful Pixels

We started with what Lyft had provided, and built up from there. For instance, John was very quick to counter assumptions that Lyft would be tapering off its (human) workforce as their autonomous initiatives developed further. “Drivers are core to our Lyft family, and we’re planning to double the number of drivers on the platform over the next five years to provide hundreds of millions more rides then we are doing today.” In post-production, we were able to emphasize this point with motion graphics assets we created that captured Lyft’s projected growth model for the coming years. A picture is worth a thousand words, but motion graphics? Priceless.


John continued with more good news for drivers: “Again, all of ridesharing in the US is less than half of one percent of vehicle miles traveled – our goal is to get that to 50 or even 80 percent! If we can get to 50% and even an extreme of just 5% of those trips were with drivers, we would still need 5x the number of drivers we have now.” Those are a lot of really promising numbers, and we wanted to make sure that we underscored them appropriately with even more motion graphics.


Video Production On Time (Just like Lyft)

We did all this in an incredibly tight turnaround schedule, in order to make the deadline of Lyft’s upcoming press release. Lyft exported their brand guidelines and assets to us after the shoot on September 4, and in just six days we delivered our final cut (we rested on the seventh). It took a few all-nighters, but without fail we got them all the motion graphics and color corrected footage

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