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Helping the Helpers: JMaverick Provides Video Production Services to CYW

Video Production for Change

Back in 2016, our founder Jeremy was looking to change things up. Things at JMaverick Studios had been moving along smoothly, but something was missing. Namely, Jeremy wanted a project that was inspiring, but not too corporate. A quick LinkedIn search revealed a number of creative directors, marketing executives, and public relation officials in the non-profit sector. But one organization stood out: the Center for Youth Wellness. So Jeremy sent a direct message to a representative for the company, just to see if they needed any video work. Well, ask and you shall receive.

The Center for Youth Wellness is a truly pioneering organization dedicated to promoting children’s health. In their own words, the CYW “is part of a national effort to revolutionize pediatric medicine and transform the way society responds to kids exposed to significant adverse childhood experiences and toxic stress.” The organization was founded, and helmed, by the indomitable Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, who leads the charge in combating an urgent public health issue and major threat to children’s health: early adversity.

Adversarial situations or dynamics can harm the developing brains and bodies of children, and contribute to a life plagued by toxic stress, as well as lifelong deficits in health, wellness, and learning. CYW partners with Bayview Child Health Center to screen young people for these Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and then uses those assessments to plan a course of remedial action. CYW pilots both preventive and rehabilitative treatments to help mitigate and repair the damage done the children’s bodies and brains. But CYW doesn’t just stop there: they publish their findings and research on a national scale, and raise awareness of toxic stress situations among a range of stakeholders — including parents, pediatricians, and policymakers.

Video Production for Good

When Jeremy first made contact with CYW, they were gearing up for their second ACEs conference in San Francisco, and they were in need of some video content. That’s straight up kismet. The conference took place over three days, and CYW commissioned us to shoot interviews and grab b-roll for a sizzle reel to be delivered after the event. The conference took place over three days, and when it wrapped, we delivered a sizzle reel of the main conference as well as their smaller pediatric symposium.

The work that CYW does has only become more relevant and necessary in recent years, given the current political climate. Perhaps that had something to do with the turnout they got at their most recent conference, which we were also honored to film. When we were brought on to film the conference in 2016 there were 400 attendees; at the third annual conference in 2018 there were 800. The videos we made back in 2016 were used as marketing material, so that might have had something to do with the attendance, too. But we’d like to think that more people are getting wise to the great and important work that CYW is doing.

Video production in San Francisco utilizing ronin stabilizer

Andrew utilizes a Ronin camera stabilizer for perfectly smooth footage

This year’s conference was at the Hyatt Regency, again in San Francisco, in October. Because Hyatt is a union hotel, we expanded our team to include a union representative through IATSE Local 16 — a gentleman by the name of Neal. This turned out to be a huge boon to our shoot: we had access to the union’s gear, which means we didn’t have to travel with a caravan of lights and grip equipment all the way from Los Angeles. Our experience with Local 16 and Neal in particular was such a success that we actually booked him on another, upcoming gig.

Video company at work for CYW San Francisco

Andrew and Neal filming an interview with the Center For Youth Wellness

Our shoots with CYW have been nothing but spectacular, and that’s due in no small part to the truly crucial work this non-profit organization is doing. In addition to the conference coverage, we’ve also provided CYW with editing and production services on smaller projects with some of their student activists. We’re truly honored to be associated with CYW, and their founder Dr. Harris, who recently presented the organization’s research on the psychological and physical effects of, under President Trump’s immigration policy, separating migrant children from their families to the United States Congress . Hopefully they will be as moved by CYW’s work as we have been.

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