September 21, 2018 admin

JMaverick Studios Named Top California Service Provider!

Los Angeles is a the Mecca for all things branded, content, and branded content. Big and small names alike thrive and vie in this competitive landscape, and it’s not easy to “make it big.” But we’ve been doing a pretty good job at what we’re doing. Since 2012, the JMaverick Studios team has been working day-in-day-out to make ourselves a household name inside the corporate content industry, and in the past six years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with and providing top-shelf service to both enterprise and start-up level clients.

From our corporate videos with AT&T to our social campaign with Lyft, we pride ourselves on striving to always create something unique for every client we do business with.

And viewers aren’t dissatisfied either. We’re proud of the audiences we’ve helped companies reach, as well as the positive feedback we’ve gotten from clients and others in the industry space.

But enough of tooting our own horn — let’s let someone else do that for us. We’re excited to announce that we were just named a Top B2B Service Provider in California by Clutch! The DC-based ratings and reviews platform is very thorough, and does not mess around when it comes to these awards. They use client interviews and reviews, combined with market research and analysis, to generate a verified list of industry leaders — and we happen to be one of them.

You can find us listed as a Top Video Production Agency in Los Angeles!

Oh, and lest we forget: We’ve also been featured as a Top Social Media Agency in Los Angeles by Clutch’s sister site the Manifest. The Manifest is a content-driven site that provides the latest news and insights into B2B industry trends.

We’re thankful to the clients we’ve worked with in the past, and all those who have reviewed us and helped us grow, and we’re excited for what the future holds.

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