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JMaverick Studios Releases Drone Video Reel Production

Drone Video for Corporate Video Production

JMaverick Studios ( https://jmaverickstudios.com is one of the top commercial video production companies in Los Angeles for one simple reason: we capture great footage. In the past, most of that footage has been on the ground; but with the advent and new ubiquity of drones… we’re flying high now. Using state of the art drone equipment with the latest techniques, we’ve made gorgeous aerial footage a cornerstone of our portfolio. But if a picture is worth a thousand words, than a reel with some of our finest drone photography is worth… a lot more than that. Have a look-see:

Drone Video and Production Value

Drone video elevates the quality of any production to the next level. Literally. And industries of all kinds are taking advantage of the unique angle drone footage provides. The real estate market in particularhas been having a love affair with the drone almost since its inception to show off attractive properties in all their expansive glory.

Drone Footage from Around the World

The footage featured in our drone reel was shot in New York, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Malibu, Lancaster, Half Moon Bay, San Francisco, San Diego, Israel, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Oregon. You name the place, we’ve shot (or will shoot) there.

Drone Models Used

JMaverick Studios use drones from DJI. We make use of two models: the Inspire 1 drone and the Mavic Pro drone.

inspire drone for corporate video production

Inspire drone used in corporate video production

Video production with Mavic Pro drone

Video production with Mavic Pro drone

We use drones that shoot in 4K video to offer our clients a great degree of flexibility in post production. We use a technique called “pan and scan” that shows viewers the full range of filming and lets them crop out what they want to see. This technique also allows us to devise our own custom camera movements and effects.

Drone Limitations and Unexpected Hurdles

Now for the straight talk. Though we always take the necessary quality precautions, we’d be lying if we said shooting with drones is limitless and error-free. And we don’t want to lie.

For instance, some business or military installations have geofences that ground drones before they can take off — a failure to launch sort of problem. And though geofences sounds super sci-fi and Big Brother, these prohibitions have more to do with privacy and safety concerns, which you can learn more about by following this link geofencing article.

Speaking of safety concerns… Many of the issues you’d run into when shooting with drones have to do with flight paths. Sometimes geofences will actually prevent a drone from lifting off the ground — if this happens, know that the drone isn’t lazy, it’s just. To circumvent these limitations in the past, we’ve contacted DJI directly and were granted special permission to film in otherwise prohibited areas. Of course, ingenuity goes so far, and the regulatory system is designed to both protect privacy, and keep drones away from airports, nuclear plants, Area 51, etc.

Drone Safety

When shooting with a drone, our first concern is safety, which is why we have two people working the drone when it’s aloft. Here’s how it works: we have one person flying the drone and monitoring the on-board camera feed, while the other person keeps an eye on the drone while it’s in the sky. Textbook drone operator configuration. This ensures we won’t fly into any trees or buildings which… let’s face it, is less than ideal. We also calibrate the gimbal and internal compass before each flight so the video turns out level, and the compass is calibrated with any potential magnetic interference ahead of time. If the compass tells us there’s magnetic interference before we take off then, we know we’re in a precarious spot for flight. Or the Bermuda Triangle. Either way, we don’t want to fly there.

Privacy Issues and Drone Videography

But that’s not all. We also take comprehensive measures to protect people’s privacy. First we alert bystanders that we’re going to be flying the drone, and take all necessary precautions to ensure their privacy is protected. We also check in with people to make sure that there isn’t anything we can’t show on camera before we take off (Post Production loves this about us).

When all that is taken care of and we’re in the air, that’s when we capture the footage that takes your video production to a place it’s never been before. So let us ask you: you want to get high? With drones?

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